Bridal DIY Resources

Although most of my most recent posts have been beauty related, I have been doing a lot of DIY Wedding research. I’ve been looking for good DIY ideas to use in my own wedding and to help inspire other brides. Therefore, I wanted to use this opportunity to give you all some of what I consider good DIY Wedding Resources. Lot of good ideas for your own DIY Wedding Projects!

– Some of my favorite ideas that I will consider using for my own wedding include:

  • Buying a coffee table book of photographs from your wedding location to use as a guest book. Guests can choose to write on any page of their choice. You can later keep your guest book at your coffee table to keep your favorite memories at hand.  Click here for more details.

  • Making my own cupcake tower! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA! It is highly customizable and very professional  looking! I may not use this idea at my wedding- considering it will be a destination wedding- however, this is totally going to be at my bridal shower. Click here for the how-to.

  • Making your own bridesmaids gifts or just something to give your bridesmaids their gift in! These Furoshiki bags are so chic and easy to make (in fact, I think I may make one just for fun tomorrow with an old scarf!) Click here for the how-to.

-Again some of my favorite ideas:

  • Want unique one-of-a-kind vases with your own touch? Why not revamp a  glass dollar store vase with handmade paper? I love this idea. Would love to see how these may look in sunlight!  Learn how here.

  • Remember my old post about the colorful Japanese masking tape from I found a whole series of DIY ideas on how to use this tape in your wedding! Amazing! Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

  • Have your girls been working a little too hard and you feel like you want to reward them with a little spa treatment? Learn how to make them with your own DIY Spa Gifts! Or maybe make a girls night of it and spend the night making spa treatments and then using them immediately after. Sounds like a good night to me (plus a little white zin)! This is so me! Recipes here!

Geeze, there are just so many to go through! Therefore I am just gonna link you to a few of my other favorite DIY Websites as well as some reference books that I’ve ordered. : what seems like an infinite resource of wedding DIY inspiration : Check out her Cut and Paste Necklaces, Groovy Doodle Cards, and Kaleidoscope Candles. To be honest, all of her projects are ingenious. I love her artistic style. : again- an infinite resource!

Project Wedding – Love the wide variety of DIY on here. It includes a few out of the ordinary projects besides our standard paper projects.

The Knot– Their DIY Page. They are what I consider to be one of my favorite bridal resources. However, if your using this page for DIY- their forum may be most helpful.

Wedding Bee– Click here for their DIY section. They are another one of my favorite overall wedding resources. Love the pictures and guides available here.

P.S. Has anyone noticed the fruit trend in wedding themes? I love it. The yellow in lemons are so sunny and bright, while limes just bring margaritas to mind. Perfect for summer. I’m noticing the popularity in using either whole citrus fruits or citrus slices in spring or summer wedding centerpieces. Very refreshing. Involving apples in autumn weddings also seems to be popular. So if your thinking of a theme that is budget friendly, cheery, and classy – look no further than your local grocer or farmers market!

Please let me know of any more wedding DIY resources that I can add to this list! I hope this list helped to inspire you and get your wheels rolling for your do it yourself wedding! I know I can’t wait to get started on mine and I’ll definitely keep you all posted! 🙂


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